About Me

I've been enamored with photography since I was six years old, when my father gave me a Brownie camera.   I learned how to develop black and white negatives and print them under dim red light when I was ten.  Watching each image slowly appear in the chemical tray seemed like magic to me.  That was in 1962.  The technology sure has come a long way since then!

My current work involves creating composite photographs.   These are images made of elements taken from more than one of my original photographs, and combined in a way to make one coherent realistic picture.   Many have subtle undercurrents of humor, hence the name of this site, WhimsyPix.     Yes, that is me in the picture on this page, back when I was 43 years old.  Of course someone else took the original of me on the board (using my camera).

Each image can take days or weeks to perfect.   I've often been asked if these are "Photoshopped", since that seems to have become the generic term for digital image manipulation.  The truth of the matter is, as time consuming as these images are to create, I've never had the patience or time to learn Photoshop.   I do use a variety of other software including paint.net (which is freeware), a very old version of Paint Shop Pro, Picture Window by Digital Light and Color, and several others.    Together they have become my toolbox.    

Often times I have to carefully use the mouse to "digitally paint" portions of an image to make it  work. That has certainly helped to improve my eye/hand coordination over time!   Sometimes I'll start with an idea and end up with something completely different.   In this sense, the process is similar to creating art using any media.

My current camera of choice is a Canon 5D Mark II although many of these were done from originals that I took with other cameras, including a Canon SL1, as well as older film cameras. For example all elements in the picture on this page were taken with a Canon EOS3 35mm camera.

I hope you enjoy my work.   Please feel free to leave feedback on my Comments page, or send me an email using the Contact menu option above.   All images are available for purchase as archival prints in a variety of sizes.   Since I do all of my own custom printing I do not sell directly from this website.  I prefer some communication first to better insure you will be happy with your order.   Thank you for visiting!

-Bob Schlesinger


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